For many years I worked in the corporate, government, and political arenas; I gained great knowledge and friends in all three, but as I approached my fifties, I realized I wanted to walk, run, stumble and do it all again in a new arena.  it was a slow transition through my early fifties.  There were days when I questioned the logic of leaving behind a twenty year career, but my heart and soul kept pushing on.  Now as I live joyfully in my mid-fifties, I am fully engrossed in my creative life with my primary focus - to live the next fifty years creating art in different forms.  I hope all aspects of my works bring you insight, and inspire you to take on your encore performance with gusto!


My current projects include a book, Generals and Grunts – The United States Marine Corps’ Ethos, and a documentary called The Aftermath.


Generals and Grunts’ focus is taking the USMC’s ethos and bringing it to the civilian population as a way to revive the American spirit…that drive to be better than average, to protect our freedoms, and to correct course.  The Corps’ long history of “First in, Last out,” and “Never Leave a Man Behind,” all wrapped in their Devil Dog mentality depicts more than the mightiest warriors; it is a core so deep into its ethos that no matter the circumstances, they have the ability to draw on certain beliefs.  We need, as civilians, a good sound dose of fight.


The Aftermath, the documentary (in its early stage) will focus on the Marine combat grunt from recruit, to infantry school, to combat, and the aftermath of serving as a Devil Dog.  It is primarily an exploration of the United States Marine Corps Grunt’s take on life after combat by applying his greatest survival tool, the Marine Corps ethos.  The film will look at both historical and modern-day battles and the lives lead after them.  It will look at both those that survived and live with PTSD/TBI and those that don’t…the objective is not highlighting the illness, but that no matter the situation, a Marine uses his training and experience to face the challenges off the battlefield.  Some don’t and that too will be a variable of the film.

The Aftermath will take an in-depth look at the Combat Marine’s journey in the hope that as civilians we start to take action to assist the 3% that protect the 97%’s freedoms.

I was honored to have then General Mattis' remarks regarding my book, 30 Back Pocket Lessons (The book is currently being updated for its print publication in late Fall of 2018.).

Great work, Cindy.  No comments from me about the work, other than it appears genuine and wise.  

Jim Mattis, (Ret.) USMC General



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