April 12, 2018

…is the gift of solid sleep


“My son, do not let wisdom and

understanding out of your sight

preserve sound judgment and discretion;

they will be life for you,

an ornament to grace your neck.

Then you will go on your way in safety,

and your foot will not stumble.

When you lie down, you will not be afraid;

when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.”


PROVERBS 3:21-24




An “…ornament to grace your neck?”  Is wisdom simply wearing an object such as a Cross or peace sign, a white collar, or a Purple Heart or Dog tags? So those symbols of a life dedicated to protection and guidance automatically designate wisdom? No, but they do indicate a person’s willingness to take a path seeking wisdom and understanding. 


Is that pursuit an on-going mission?  Has it been mastered, with the knowing that wisdom is never truly mastered?  I would say those ornaments are a good indication of a person’s desire to be reminded that once one has grasped an aspect of knowledge and compassion, that one must defend it by using it wisely and not as a tool of arrogance, elitism, or power.


So, if you don’t wear a Cross, a white collar, or haven’t earned a Purple Heart, does that mean you are not seeking wisdom and understanding?  Absolutely not, it is not the tangible object that the verse speaks about, it is the work that went into the object; it is the intangible, or action taken by the bearer.


 The ornament is actually an unseen variable for the most part, it lies within a person’s heart and action taken to share one’s wisdom through kindness to all mankind, animals, and our earth.  True wisdom is knowing that our lessons can only be fully learned, when it is given unconditionally as a form of guidance to others.


Hmmm… “your foot will not stumble.”  I always chuckle at the word stumble.  For

 those that know me well, they know I stumble over air, hahaha.  Dad always said, “Cindy, we paid for ballet classes, but they just didn’t take.”  The funny thing is my son inherited the trait too.  I never knew where the air stumbles came from, until I noticed my mom doing an air dance!  Of course, our lack of grace does not represent our pursuit of or wisdom learned…that would be taking the scripture literally.  A mistake made too often with the Book’s wise words.


No, the verse is simply saying that with wisdom and understanding, one is capable of minimizing or on occasion completely avoiding obstacles.  Wisdom allows for new and global perspectives – you see red roses where you never saw them before, and red flags too!  Understanding allows for strategy – how to go around or through life’s happy and stressful times.  


With both in play, the verse is simply saying that with wisdom and understanding “…your sleep will be sweet.” Wow, just saying the words is like a lullaby.  I can visualize putting my children to bed and watching them go into a sweet soft sleep.  As adults living with life’s daily express train, financial pressures, family dynamics, and our own internal hamsters (oh, and let me add in menopause!), the idea of a “sweet sleep” is like winning the lottery.


But when we look at the words and the lessons of the verse in its entirety, the message is giving us the key to “sweet sleep.”  With wisdom gained and understanding embraced, we have the keys to releasing the fear, doubts, and control that we hold to tight, within our minds and hearts and causes those restless sleepless nights.  (Even during those hot sweat/cold rushes of menopause.


Those peaceful nights might require studying or talking out our issues, but that is exactly what yesterday’s meme was all about:


The beginning of wisdom is this: get wisdom.”  You do have to put some work into getting back to that soft “sweet sleep”, but you are worth the effort.


Sweet Dreams, until tomorrow…


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