December 24, 2018


A Letter to the Big Guy!



Dear GOD, aka Santa, Easter Bunny, and everything that you created to make this world joyful,


            I love you.  I believe in your power to heal, forgive, and love, especially me.  I trust in your wisdom; though I do not always see the path forward, I step into your lead.  I have faith in your knowledge and protection.  I am your child, and for that I am deeply grateful.


            I do not understand all that I have gone through this year, but being a betting woman, I am certain that each moment in time was meant to grow me into the woman you know lives deep within me.  My apologies for being so hard-headed that I am such a slow learner.  I do thank you for this year’s lessons, having said that, I would sure appreciate less of them next year.


            As for all my blessings in 2018, too many to count, that brought experiences of laughter, joy, and a sense of peace to me – wow, thank you does not cover my heartfelt appreciation.  My favorite blessing is seeing my grandchildren, Henry and James, growing, hiking, laughing, and healthy.  Those two little guys may be far away, but they live deep within my soul.


            I would also like to thank you for my dear friends, especially Jan, R.J., Vivian, Ruben, and Adrian/Breck Perry. (Deeply grateful that Breck was promoted to a USMC Lt. Colonel…he would not want me to brag on him, but Breck is one fantastic man, husband, father, leader, and Marine; and I could not even begin to describe the beautiful warrior wife he has been blessed to have as his life partner, Adrian is an inspiration to many.)  Each of these folks have buoyed me in deep, rough waters, and cheered me on in my successes.


            Of course, you know Lord, that another year with Mom is a blessing.  Crazy and patient, she sure has weathered the test of dealing with her daughter.  No sir, I would never forget to count the blessings of my brothers – Mark, Michael, and Perry – or their families, Amanda, Mark, Marten, and Marbrisa.  Yes, and my family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Family makes my world interesting, fun, and crazy…would not want to live without them.


            Oh yes Lord, I am definitely grateful for another year to have my greatest loves in my life.  My children, Douglas, Tyler, Alex, make life’s lessons challenging, but it is those lessons that I have found my greatest lesson.  That lesson – make time and room in your heart for those that you love and those love you no matter the circumstance for every moment in time is a fleeting present that can never be reclaimed.  God, my sincerest prayer for 2019 is to have my little family together again, with the best puppy in the world, Bridget Rose, by our sides.


            That is funny, God, yes, I would appreciate you opening those doors of opportunity and abundance.  I have released the need for poverty, financial struggles, and unworthiness…I know those lessons took a long time to stick, but I have bid them farewell.  Yes, I will enjoy getting back on my mission of writing, filming, health coach, and advocate.  I love that you have gifted my balance for logic with compassion, common sense with a sense of humor, numbers with words, and focus with flexibility.  My life’s purpose is to use the words and wisdom to benefit others and myself.  I hope my creative thoughts, actions, and productions will guide and inspire others to walk their journey in peace, power, health, and action.  Yes, Lord, it would be awesome if my works stirred them to use their own gifts of wisdom to spread love and joy.  Well truth be told, it would be your guidance of my gifts that would be the catalyst to move their brilliance.


            Well God, I look forward to celebrating your son, our Lord’s birth in a few hours.  I thank you again for the gift of this past year, of spending the holiday with my mom, brothers, and niece, Marbrisa.  May your dream, mine too, for peace, joy, and love for all mankind come to pass during the waning days of 2018 and in 2019.


Your loving daughter,

Cynthia (Cindy) Anne Clare


P.S.  If you give my daddy, Benito, a big hug for me, and possibly play Carol of the Bells and his favorite, Little Drummer Boy for him.  I would should appreciate it! Yes Lord, I know he is home, but I miss him terribly, especially when I listen to this version of the song, he so loved it.  Let him know that I look forward to seeing him again…he may have grown up a poor boy, but he died a rich man in your arms.


Tomorrow begins the Twelve Days of Christmas, and I have a challenge for each and everyone of us...I'll post it on the First Day of Christmas evening!  Have a happy Christmas Eve!




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