January 2, 2019

Due to an unexpected illness, I am posting this daily a day late...my apologies.  Enjoy!




(This new year is set to be a fireball of activities, so I’m changing up my format to meet my class and book writing schedule.  I’ll be writing daily notes on wisdom, politics, and life’s general lessons.  I hope you’ll enjoy this new format.  Happy New Year! Cindy)


2018 is going to go down as one of my least favorite years…to put it simply, it was a blah year at best and at worse just downright boring.  Okay, I did do a lot of internal work, which might make the year truly a good year.  A major problem (there are many, but this is first up) – material wealth – as a way to identify my value to the world became my first battle.  Two prevalent measures of worth in society and in too many folks I associate with are “What’s the size of my bank account?” and “Let me prove my worth by what I have and what you don’t have.”  Both statements reflect a lack of true worth one brings to the table, I don’t measure down to those low standards.  That was my lesson…I am me and I just could care less what you have in your material arsenal.   As long as you acquired it honestly and with integrity, I applaud your efforts, however my worth in your life is what I bring to the table that will inspire you to be a better version of yourself today than you were the day before.


My worth is not measured by a scale or gold, instead I found that my pot of gold, as I write about in my book, 30 Back Pocket Lessons, is acknowledging my God-given gifts as opportunities to in some small way help others.  Equally important, this past year helped me come to terms with tragedies, offenses, and my own human mistakes.

Throughout the month of January, I will be exploring the freedom of release and forgiveness intermingled with the path forward.  I will be drawing inspiration from Biblical and poetic verses, cards both oracle and tarot (No, I cannot predict a damn thing…the cards speak to internal values and wisdom to move forward…they don’t tell you what the landscape will be), art, politics, and my own hamsters!  Below are my first thoughts for 2019:


JANUARY 1, 2019



I begin 2019 with the total immersion into being “In the world, but not of the world.”  The time spent in 2018 learning from a flood of tears, dark days, and sleepless nights brought within me the ability to relax, accept, and let go.  That dark period was the wind sweeping me into the light where I could embrace my creative vision and well-though out plans for moving on.  Now, I have the ability to walk off the plateau that I stood upon for too long.  Below me flowed a wild and wonderous river that snaked through life with grand adventures.  I learned and forgave myself for living an “Unfinished Symphony” …I had become comfortable living a hermit’s existence inside my books and words.  I took on the job of cleaning out the past – one doesn’t forget the past, but one can own it and live without the past owning them.


The truth of 2018 is that the Good Lord, once again, bailed me out.  He guided me to the truth; that I was worth the time to face the good and bad of the hamsters playing in my mind, the cracks in my heart, and the black holes of unforgiveness living in my soul.  Am I finished growing?  Hell no, my humanness is starting to enjoy the day-to-day breath of life.  The difference is that when I hit those weak spots or ice on the road, I do not try to twist and turn away.  I turn into the issue and trust that the “how” will be shown to me.  I embrace with every breath a wise man’s words, “Breathe, relax, aim, slack, and squeeze” – take a deep breath, relax into the challenge, aim to stay in the now, pull in the slack of doubt, and squeeze the Hell out of Life’s opportunities to be present in all its glory.


Happy New Year, may you take the risk of living fully in all your glorious strengths and weaknesses!  Much love, joy, and laughter, Cindy

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