March 1, 2019





How can it be March 2019?  Looming days away is another birthday.  Two new career paths extending from my writing.  My first book set to go into print.  My oldest grandson about to be five!  Hmmm…wasn’t it yesterday I was in a pretty dress made by Mom to celebrate my 7th birthday with my friends?


I remember that unusually warm Winter day, the Bunny-Shaped Cake covered in coconut that mom and dad had made, the cotton-balls used as bunny tails for “Pin the Tail on the Bunny”, and my friends and I running around the backyard playing tag…great memories of a wonderful day.   Fifty years later….


…I am a grandmother of two gorgeous boys, and a mom, two adult children living independent lives.  I am happily single and training for an endurance hike in 2020.  My first book, 30 Back Pocket Lessons, will be in print by the end of March – it features thirty vignettes that recognize how the past, if allowed, can be your launching pad to acknowledging , and accepting  lessons from the past, and turning them into the base for a strong future.  I am honored that General Jim Mattis (former Secretary of Defense) wrote a review for the book.  And I am set to go to Washington D.C. in a few weeks to begin filming my documentary, and interview folks for my next two books.


March is here …




… the next four or five blogs will focus’ on a few memories from the lighter-side of my past – fun and happy – that when recalled will boost the month’s theme of Being Present, Being Now, and Being Authentic.  My weekly blogs will center around why the NOW is founded in the THEN.  Yes, the past is a mixture of good and bad, and a roller-coaster of happy and sad, but my goal is to show that when you separate them into keepers and adios mates you open up options to a path forward.  More importantly you open up a path to self-love.


I will admit that I will be throwing in a few blogs centered on leadership traits and why character matters, especially in government.  I recently had a conversation with a thirty-something, who believes that politicians will never change.  He might be right, but my response was, “When the voter stops making excuses for political leaders, we will stop having excuses for political leaders.”  I will dip just a bit into that topic to introduce my book, American Grit – A Return to Regular Order, which is set for release in January 2020.


Happy March to all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE MARCH BABIES, including my Henry, my Daddy (now in Heaven), and that little girl celebrating her 57th birthday!


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