August 1, 2019

WISDOM WITHOUT WORDS -  The most important lesson watching the Watergate Hearings was the lesson of observation.  Facial expressions and body language speak volumes.  Forty-five-years later and in need of sage advice, I turned to that lesson, and applied it to my youngest loves... 



This past weekend I worked on writing a new series that ties into my upcoming book, Henrietta, I was in the zone; enjoying every moment of writing to my playlist titled, Freedom.  My plan this morning was to rework the second article, and finish up articles 4 and 5, but when you begin to practice listening to your intuition, really listening, and remembering that you promised yourself to get off the hamster wheel for a bit; you take a deep breath, sit back, and say, “Hold up on those pieces.  They are the why behind Henrietta, they need more work, and you need to have some fun.”  It is good advice, because I’m looking at a very heavy travel schedule for September, October, and November, and I need the time to relax, build up my strength – physically and mentally, to read, and to study.  I need time to build a solid foundation to launch this next phase of my life.




I want my backpack ready for the adventure ahead.  I want my heart open to love, whether that is found in relationship, food, or hanging out with the Marines.  I want to have fun, and the only way to have it all is to STOP and spend time with me, healing, and getting back to that sixteen-year-old girl that

 was ready to conquer the world with her wit, intelligence, gusto, and deep belief that she created her destiny, and no one could stop her from her dreams.


But how do you do that when you are so tied into the rat race and the hamsters running in your brain?  Well, as I was looking through my photos, I kept being drawn to my grandsons, Henry and James.  Of course, as their “Grams”, I think they are awesomely cute, but what drew me to them and to all children was the freedom of their expressions.  No bars held, these two were speaking volumes without saying a word.  I added the words based on their beautiful faces.  They were giving their Grams some sage advice.  Here is some of that wisdom:



James, “Hey Grams, what are you waiting for?  I mean really, I may have my whole life ahead of me, but you, you’re more than halfway through.  Remember Grams, Santa can’t bring you the good stuff, if you’re not living the good stuff.  Now, cleanup, dust yourself off, and get out there!”





“Grams, you have to be resolute.  Yes, I know what that means – be firm. 

 Even when you play, Grams, you have to just play.  Dig in the sand, climb a tree, or do what you love most – birdwatching.  Just do it, Grams.  Stop thinking about doing it, just do it Grams,” Henry.








“No second thoughts, Grams.  I just don’t have  the patience to tell you

 again. Geez, how many times do I have to tell you, “GET GOING!”  Look at me, I went for a ride, didn’t care what the wind did to my hair.  I just enjoyed the ride. GO GRAMS, GO!  If I can do it you can, I know you can.”










“You can come with me Grams.  I have my backpack ready to go have fun.  Come on, Grams, I know you can do this…take a little time to have fun!  Grams, you told Mommy to go after her dreams and don’t look back; it’s time to take those words and live them.”










If you have not noticed, these boys have very different personalities, then look again, lol.  I love it, and they are right.  August is my month.  It is time to take a break from the self-imposed deadlines, crazy schedule, and sleepless nights.  This does not mean 30 Back Pocket Lessons will not be released…no, no, no, but it does mean that I will not be writing, but instead studying, and playing, while prepping my backpack for the trips.  I will have fun doing things I have on the back burner, like walking on the beach, birdwatching, photography, and creative cooking.  Okay, I’ll be writing… but only for clients.


Okay boys, Grams will take your advice to play and dance…

…see y’all in September from the road!




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